Foothills Physical Therapy provides a wide variety of physical therapy services for all types of musculo-skeletal disorders, including pilates and aquatic-based physical therapy. We’re a diverse, highly-trained group of physical therapists who provide everything from post-operative care to sports optimization and rehabilitation -- and much more. 

Many of our therapists are Board-Certified and, on average, our therapists have over 16 years of clinical experience. We have more single and double board-certified physical therapists than any other practice in Idaho. We have therapists certified in orthopaedics, sports therapy, manual therapy, men’s and women’s health, and dry needling. No matter what your physical therapy needs are, we can help you. 

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One-On-One, Expert, Quality Care

We are locally owned, and we have earned our reputation as one of the Treasure Valley’s best physical therapy practices. We opened our doors in 2003, and have been voted Best of Treasure Valley multiple times. 

At Foothills Physical Therapy, our model of care is unique and patient-centered. We provide one-on-one care by specialist physical therapists-- no techs, aides, or assistants. Your care is consistent, connected, personal, and professional.

If you have specific questions, or if you want to see one of our therapists, feel free to call or contact any of our four locations: