What Our Patients Have To Say:

  • Five months ago, I had surgery to repair two tendon detachments: one from the pectoral muscle to the clavicle and the other from the pectoral muscle to the shoulder. At age fifty-five and very active in sports -- the injury was as much a blow to my body as it was to my mind and spirit. As I type, I am three physical therapy sessions away from my surgeon, Doctor Lynch, releasing me to full activity. This long and successful recovery would not have been possible without the expert care of Wendy Borgerd. Wendy’s carefully tailored care comes from years of experience. She has a wonderful way of explaining how joints, muscles and tendons work for the lay person to grasp. Her kind heart and genuine concern for my advancement was felt with each visit. Wendy developed a sense for my personality and managed my care to include implanting words of caution in my mind -- to govern my zero to one hundred MPH personality between visits. I cannot adequately express my thanks. I feel confident I will be able to regain all the strength and size I lost on my injured side. In addition, I learned other helpful tips about body mechanics from Wendy that I will apply to my exercise routine. I must add how impressed I am with Jerret Hopstad, another of the excellent staff at Foothills. Jerret worked with me three or four times. It was immediately apparent he is also first-string in his field. The notes in my chart provided continuity of care between Wendy and Jerret.
    --Doug T.

  • Chris Fox at the Eagle office has helped me throughout this entire year recover from a complete spinal fusion. He is so knowledgeable compassionate and encouraging keeping me on track through my ups and downs. I don't know where I would be without him. Chris is a fine example of the level of care you can expect from Foothills and they are so fortunate to have him on their team.
    --Amy H.

  • I tore my meniscus skiing in March. My plan at the time was to climb a peak in the Sawtooth Mountains to propose to my girlfriend by the end of May. I went to Dr. Crawford, followed his direction diligently, and by Memorial Day I was able to climb and ski without pain. I am happy to say that I am now engaged and my fiancée was thrilled that I was able to propose in a place that means so much to both of us. I recommend Jake to anyone who is serious about regaining their mobility and wants to work with someone who is both compassionate and personable. Beyond my therapist, the staff at Foothills was amazing and the clinic was clean and up to date.
    --Andrew K.

  • The front office ladies are right on top of things and make me feel like a priority when I walk through the door. They accommodate my availability for future appointments and check in is a breeze (and they have jolly ranchers on hand! I work with Brooks and he's outstanding! He encourages and supports me; he helps me reach my goals by using a lot of creativity. Anyone seeking the best in physical therapy, look no further!
    -- Bonnie R.

  • I met Nick for the first time yesterday and he immediately put me at ease. He clearly explained my issue and laid out a plan that is concise and efficient. I am hopeful my issue will be greatly improved.
    In addition, Gina greeted me warmly and carefully explained my insurance coverage which was very helpful.
    --Jerrie S.

  • Foothills Physical Therapy is the Very Best! I have had the privilege of receiving care from Foothills at least four times in the last four years...each person providing service, work together as a team, always going way above expectation. They take cranky, hurting people, and treat them with utmost loving care...if you are not smiling when you arrive...you will be before you leave. They are attentive and caring to display the utmost respect for each patient. Thanks to all of you!!!
    -- Sandee H

  • They have taken excellent care of me after multiple injuries and surgeries. They are the most compassionate, caring and knowledgeable physical therapists in the Treasure Valley. The staff are very friendly too! I would highly recommend them and I often do!
    --Diane W.