Foothills Physical Therapy Now Offering Telehealth Services

Here at Foothills Physical Therapy, we know unique times require us to do things a little differently. We are looking for ways to best accommodate your current health needs as we all adapt to the COVID-19 situation we are all dealing with.

Right now, we are working with local insurance companies, such as Medicare (associated insurances) or Telehealth (part of commercial insurance groups) to provide you with the opportunity to make an e-visit with our team. 

This is an opportunity for you to continue on your rehabilitation or to establish an initial evaluation with one of our therapists via computer, email, or over the phone. With these Telehealth services, we can guide you through your rehabilitative process. 

If you are interested in services on your road to rehabilitation, please feel free to contact one of our four locations to ask whether you qualify, and how we here at Foothills can best assist you during these unique times. 

For more information on how we are providing unique rehabilitative care to you (from the comfort of your home) during these times.

Posted by isabellesiegrist at 4/15/2020 8:25:00 PM
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