Jun 13

Blood Flow Restriction Training: What is it? Why do we use it?

Learn all about one of our Physical Therapists' favorite tools: Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR). 

Apr 13

Aquatic Therapy and Why It's so Great for You!

Aquatic therapy has many benefits that you can’t get with exercise on land.

Apr 04

Resources for People with Disabilities Applying for Jobs and College

This quick post provides some resources for people with disabilities who are applying for jobs and college.

Mar 01

Concussions: An Early, Active Recovery is a Faster Recovery

“Sit in a dark and quiet room for a week… no screen time… you just have to wait it out."

Jan 03

Strengthening For Women: Light Weights Vs. Heavy Weights?

For a long time, common wisdom has been that heavy weights build strength.

Oct 11

How Dry Needling Can Help Treat Headaches

Dry needling could be the perfect headache solution that you've never heard about.


Aug 16

3 Tips to Backpack Safety

Follow these simple tips when wearing a backpack.

Feb 05

Running Gait Analysis Program at Foothills Physical Therapy

Foothills Now Offers a Running Gait Analysis Program!

Nov 25

Autumn Fall Prevention

Three simple exercises to prevent weather related falls and slips.

Jun 03

2020 Best of Treasure Valley

Foothillls Physical Therapy is nominated for the Idaho Statesman's 2020 Best of Treasure Valley.