Running Gait Analysis Program at Foothills Physical Therapy

Foothills Now Offers a Running Gait Analysis Program!

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What exactly is a Running Gait Analysis?

A detailed evaluation of an individual’s running mechanics using movement analysis software. We combine this with a functional musculoskeletal examination to determine how and why you may be experiencing a running injury or have pain with running. We are even able to tease out things that could lead to injury or may be making you a less efficient runner. If you are running for fun, stress relief, or competition, a running gait analysis can keep you healthy and continuing your sport painfree for years to come!

We have physical therapists at our 10 Mile and Boise locations who are trained in running gait analysis. The initial visit is an hour of detailed assessment of your running form on the treadmill followed by tests and measures for strength, range of motion, and functional movement patterns specific to runners’ needs. After your analysis you will work with the PT who performed your assessment to tailor an individual program for you based on the findings from your evaluation.

What should I wear or bring to my running gait analysis?

It is best to wear tight fitting clothing that shows as much skin as possible (shorts, leggings, tank tops). We want to be able to see as much of your natural body movement as possible, not how your clothing is moving. We will use markers on bony landmarks to help us make angle measurements when evaluating your gait. It is easier to put them on skin or tight-fitting clothing. Of course, wear your running shoes!

Will my insurance cover a running gait analysis?

Most likely your insurance will cover a gait analysis if it is associated with a current injury or pain. If done for prevention or performance, we advise you to contact your insurance provider to see what they will cover.

How do I schedule a running gait analysis?

Call our Boise or 10 Mile locations to schedule your running gait analysis with one of our providers.

Boise: 208-343-4700

10 Mile: 208-803-6767

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